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Terms & Conditions

1.  We can not guarantee availability of used equipment.

2.  Enslin Trekkers can not be held responsible for any changes regarding prices.

3.  Used items are sold as is.

4.  Enslin Trekkers can not be held responsible for broken parts of equipment.

5.  Prospective buyers are welcome to bring a mechanic along to test the equipment.

6.  Propective buyers should make themselves familiar with the condition of the equipment.

7.  Items will only leave the premises of Enslin Trekker once the account is paid in full.

8.  VAT rate: 15% and 0% when exported.

9.  Transport may be arranged but not included in the price.

10.  Photographs are not representative of the actual product.  All products are second-hand and may vary from the photograph loaded online.

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